That’s why typical diets don’t work. They tell you to restrict food, “cleanse" or “detox” your body and even liquify your meals. They have you eating things you don’t normally eat or maybe things you don’t even like! Sure, these diets can lead to temporary results, but I want you to have sustainable results!


At ThreeSixty Nutrition I'll give you the encouragement and support that you've been looking for, and empower you to make healthy changes. Whether you're a client for 3 months, or a few years, you'll have the tools for life. 

What is Nutrition Coaching?

Are you unsure if hiring a nutrition coach is the right move for you right now?  Check out the frequently asked questions to learn more.

Hi, I'm Dana!

Dog admirer, burger lover, and fitness advocate; everyone's got a story. Here's how I became passionate about health and fitness.



It's time to prioritize your health!

There's no time like RIGHT NOW to focus on your health and wellness journey! Nutrition doesn't have to be confusing. No matter what you've tried in the past, we'll work together to get you feeling confident, organized, full of energy, and set you up for success!

"This was my first experience with a dedicated nutrition coach.

I love Dana’s style of coaching. She spent time educating me as to the “why” which is important to me. She held me accountable and did not let me have any excuses. I learned so much about how to eat and how important paying attention to macros was for my goals. I sometimes felt like I was failing but each time I expressed that she pointed out something that was going well. I also learned that the number on the scale is just one measure of progress and is definitely not the most important one. My body has changed and looks different to me and I have realized that I am feeling more positive because I know I am strong and I know I have the tools to keep going and improve even more."

-Bonnie C.

"One of the biggest obstacles for a master/older athlete is the recovery between workouts.

I knew that nutrition could help, but I was frustrated by conflicting information, complicated fitness apps and expensive supplementation! Dana and ThreeSixty nutrition provided a simplified, easy to use approach that was very effective for me. My recovery, energy and fitness level has definitely improved.

The personal check-ins and follow ups are very valuable and Dana is very knowledgeable, professional and caring! I strongly recommend ThreeSixty Nutrition to anyone that is ready to commit to improving nutrition and overall fitness level!!"

-Frank B.

"What can I say about Dana and ThreeSixty Nutrition?

Being an overweight middle-aged male, it’s sometimes difficult to accept change when it goes against everything you’ve grown up doing.  After losing 22 pounds with Dana, I can say that all of my uncertainty was easily forgotten with the dedication, support, and care that Dana puts into teaching healthy nutrition.  She never pushed, but constructively showed me how to trust myself into making the wise choices. Thanks to Dana, I now have the tools and the attitude to keep the initial success moving forward to a much healthier and happier life.
Thank you Dana! You are awesome!!"

-Paul H.

"Dana is such a positive and encouraging coach who is such a pleasure to work with.

Nothing ever feels forced or controlling. I felt like I made the decisions and she was guiding me! I highly recommend contacting Dana for nutrition instruction, if you want to improve your athletic performance or even if you just want to live a healthier life!!"

-Maeva R.

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