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“Like so many others, I’ve lived in severe dietary restriction for the majority of my life.  I thought skinny meant healthy and beautiful, so I took that to the extreme.  I watched everything I put in my body.  I remember eating less than one thousand calories a day, then less than five hundred.  I was drained.  I looked tired.  I didn't know what it was like to be hungry or full.  My metabolism basically shut down.  


Finally, at the age of 28, I decided to start my true journey into fitness, which inevitably led me to nutrition.  I started doing CrossFit, which I quickly fell in love with and ended up coaching.  You may or may not know that the Paleo diet is THE diet of so many CF athletes, so naturally, I jumped on-board.  Since I was working out so intensely, and eating real, whole foods that the cavemen used to eat, I thought that meant I could essentially eat as much “good” food as I wanted.  Well, wrong again. I wasn’t losing weight, even with doing all of the crazy-tough workouts.  In fact, I gained (and not just muscle).


Fast forward to leaving CrossFit and focusing strictly on Olympic Weightlifting (don't knock it 'til you try it!).  I found my way to a nutrition coach who I worked with for about a year.  I learned that there are no “good” and “bad” foods, and, more importantly to me, our bodies need carbohydrates!  I learned what proper portions were, when my body needed more fuel and when it needed a little less.  I learned when I was hungry and how it felt to be full.  I learned what it was like to have a healthy metabolism, and finally, a much healthier relationship with food! I don't deprive myself of pizza anymore and I still can't believe I went an entire year without eating it!


I understand that everyone has a different story.  This is mine.  But I invite you to take the steps towards making the change.  Your change can be small, or a complete ‘ThreeSixty’ transformation.  One thing I know; big things can happen when you have people in your corner.”

At ThreeSixty Nutrition we know you've tried all sorts of diets before.  You've lost a few pounds, gained some back, tried a different diet, repeat.  You're going to the gym, but still, nothing is happening.  You've gotten so upset about what the scale says and you don't understand why you can't just "stick to a diet" like everyone else.  Well, you are not everyone else!  We know that your end goal is bigger than losing a few pounds.  There's a reason why you want to start putting your health at the top of your priority list.  Maybe you already know, or maybe we'll discover that reason together.



From the minute you sign up for nutrition coaching with ThreeSixty, we get to work.  We dive right in to learn about your lifestyle, current habits, and nutrition knowledge.   We do this all via an initial client assessment questionnaire.

We conduct weekly check-ins with our clients to see how the progress is coming along and we talk about any challenges (and successes!) that may be coming along for the ride.

It's going to take some work.  But believe us, the work is worth it!


Owner | Nutrition Coach Pn1

You know when you find "your thing?" That one thing you're super passionate about? For some people it's teaching kids how to do algebra, for others it's helping families find their dream home with a porch and a fenced-in yard for Sparky.  Well, for Dana, that "thing" turned out to be nutrition.  

When you become a ThreeSixty Nutrition client, you'll experience the excitement and dedication that Dana puts into your personal plan.  And there is never any progress that's "too small" to celebrate! Get ready!

Dana started ThreeSixty Nutrition because there are a lot of questions that need answers, and a lot of people not getting personalized help.  Should I eat less carbs? More protein? Online algorithms and generic advice is not personable.  Clients succeed with interaction, guidance, and accountability; all while speaking to a real human!

Nutrition is one piece of the very large puzzle.  At ThreeSixty, you will not only learn about proper nutrition for your body and lifestyle, you’ll also learn how to incorporate other healthy habits into your daily routines.  

Everyone has a different idea of what "healthy" means to them.  Let us help you live that vibrant life full of things that make you happy, all while enjoying some pretty great food!

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