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At ThreeSixty Nutrition, you will learn about proper nutrition for your body and how to incorporate other healthy habits into your daily routines so you can thrive! Everyone has a different idea of what "healthy" means to them. Let me help you live that vibrant life full of things that make you happy, all while enjoying some pretty great food!


Founder & Owner | Nutrition Coach 

Precision Nutrition Certified CrossFit Certified USA Weightlifting Certified

I started ThreeSixty Nutrition because I know what it's like to have a crappy relationship with food and diet culture. You need personalized help. Online algorithms and generic advice are not personable. You will succeed with support, guidance, and accountability; all while interacting with a real human! (Hi! That's me!)

My mission is to make sure my clients feel more energized in and out of the gym, and become more in-control and confident with their food choices. I know that your end goal is more than losing weight. Nutrition is not all about the superficial aspect of looking thinner, or becoming more muscular. Let's dive deeper.


When you sign up for nutrition coaching, I get to work to learn more about you and your specific goals. I will send you a client questionnaire to learn about your current habits, gym routine, lifestyle, diet history, and how much you already know about nutrition.


During check-ins, the goal is to see how you're feeling; how your sleep has been, how much stress you're under, what's going well and what we need to dial in on. This is a process. It's going to take work, but the work is so worth it!



What I liked about my experience is that it made me change my daily habits, such as: drinking more water, eating more proteins and vegetables and healthier carbs and fats. I enjoyed my chats with Dana and the support that she gave me, always focusing on the positives of the week and goals to work on for the next week!

- Robin B.

I loved the accountability. I was able to eat treats this year without going overboard and was able to actually enjoy it. I would typically eat all the cookies and ice cream, then feel like a failure. I had the treats, got back on track quickly, and felt amazing all month ”

- Slay the Holidays group member

I was about 12-13 pounds heavier and was not drinking enough water or making healthy food choices. I have lost 12-13 pounds and now drink 3-4 16 oz. water bottles a day, make sure I am including protein in most every meal. I think about what foods I am eating and if it would be a healthy choice.


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