Let's break down what we do

We empower

you to develop and implement habits that can benefit you for life.

We teach

you how to nourish and fuel your body according to your lifestyle, workouts, and goals.

We help

you learn why you aren't seeing changes even if you work out at the gym consistently.

We focus

on evidence-based education and not biased opinions.

We do not

provide a list of foods that you are allowed or not allowed to eat.

We are not

going to promote detoxes, crazy restrictive diets, or weight-loss supplements.

We will not

give you detailed, itemized or specific meal plans to follow each day.

We do not

replace medical nutrition therapy.  If something is out of our scope of practice we will encourage you to work additionally with a medical professional.

Frequently asked questions

Why doesn't ThreeSixty Nutrition create specific meal plans for your clients?

Although we don't give you exact "eat this when" templates, we do give you portion counts of how much of each macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate, and fat) you should be eating throughout the day in order to reach your goals. We help guide you in creating meals based on foods that you like, and that make you feel good, inside and out.

How often will I communicate with my nutrition coach?

The amount of communication is typically up to the client. We keep in touch through text or email (whichever is preferred) throughout the week if there are any questions or concerns that come up. We have a more formal check-in once a week with our clients via phone call. Clients do best when they have support, so we offer that, along with any great recipes we come across or articles referring back to a topic of conversation we've had.

Can nutrition coaching cater to my specific dietary preferences?

Absolutely! We know that not everyone is going to eat the same foods, or have the same preferences. We teach you how to incorporate a healthy, balanced lifestyle no matter what your meal choices involve.

Do I need to count calories?

​Not necessarily. We want to take stress off of your plate not add things to your plate! Counting calories is hard. While calorie counting may be effective for some, we like to use a more simplistic method to allow you to reach your goals and maintain your healthy lifestyle. You won't have to track your calories, but depending on your experience and what your goals are, we may have you tracking your macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). Even if you're a beginner, we'll teach you some easy ways to make this less daunting.

Why would I need a nutrition coach?

Nutrition coaching is for anyone who wants to lose or gain weight safely, increase athletic performance, increase energy, and/or develop a healthy relationship with food. Ultimately we help guide our clients towards a balanced approach to eating, and empower them to take what they learned and eventually implement it on their own. If you've struggled in the past to make changes on your own, it may be time to reach out and get the help of someone who wants to support you. What do you have to lose?

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