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What's the best diet to follow?

Could this be the most googled question ever? Maybe. I'll tell ya one thing though, Keto is not the answer.

Could it be used in certain circumstances? Sure. Any fad diet can. But I’m going to fill you in on a secret; the best diet to follow is the one that is the most sustainable (and full of real foods) for you! Stop trying the "latest and greatest, newest and trendiest" diet. I know that the majority of people think that if something new comes out, it must be worth trying. Or, if something is being blown up on social media, it must work. Newsflash! No one has all of the answers, just like one diet is not going to work for all people. If you eat mainly real foods (think meat, veggies, fruit, potatoes, rice, nuts etc.), drink plenty of water, sleep 7-9 hours per night, and get sweaty a few times per week, you will be golden👌🏼

I know, I post about this shit all the time. It’s not sexy to eat real food, sleep, and drink water, right? But guess what? It works. And you won’t have to try diet after diet. Stick with the plan and #trusttheprocess

If you're tired of trying all sorts of diets and not seeing results that last, maybe we should talk about getting your nutrition in check the holistic way. The way that's filled with real foods, ample sleep, healthy habits and exercise plans that you get excited about. Let me know when you want to up your nutrition game the right way ✌🏼





-Dana Watson, Owner of ThreeSixty Nutrition & Certified Nutrition Coach

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